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The easiest and lowest-cost way for hotels to track market prices

Easily identify new revenue opportunities in the most user-friendly rate intelligence dashboard on the market
Identify OTA parity issues and minimize lost revenue
Keep up to date on your competitors pricing, and track it over time
Discover the best times to increase your price based on local demand
Quickly identify lost-revenue opportunities and the best times to make pricing changes

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”Pricing was something we thought we always had in control. However we still need to keep an eye on competition. HowsMyRate is a great solution for us, because of it’s cost”

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”Competitive pricing is very important now. We used to monitor market manually, because we were used to our excel sheets and graphs. Now with HowsMyRate we have it automated, and we can keep the graphs that we had!”

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"After a lot of research in the market, we made the decision to work with since it provided a great rate shopping tool that was easy to use but more importantly was able to be customized to our individual specific requirements which was a huge bonus!"

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